With Covid-19 shutting down the world around us, I got enough time to work on a fun project that involved both software development and data science. …

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It has been little more than a year that I started programming. Even though I was part of the Indian tech community (worked for tech companies like Flipkart, MuSigma), I mostly worked as an analyst with very minimal programming being done on a daily basis.

So, last year March, I…

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Javascript comes with a powerful set of array and string methods. Provided they are used in a clever way, they can help us write some concise and efficient solutions.

Most of the coders new to Javascript ( and programming) will become comfortable using these methods individually and make use of…

FizzBuzz is a very common programming problem that is implemented to improve the understanding of conditional statements and loops in any programming language. Before we start off with the implementations, let’s define the problem.


Write a program that prints the numbers from 1 to 100(or a positive integer provided by…

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Most of the times in HTML it is not about the current problem you are trying to solve, it is more about what all the wrong steps you took to arrive at the place. The solution lies in fixing those wrong steps than a magical fix for the current scenario.

Vishwanatha H M

Coding/Data science/Analytics

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